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hand-spun recycled fabric yarn

This all began as an experiment with the intention of being resourceful while creating an interesting new material out of discarded 'soon-to-be-waste' fibers, a simple portable tool -a drop spindle-, and lots of loving hands.

Zaida's grandparents, her mother, her sister and some good friends all learned to spin and prepare this beautiful yarn. We have polished this technique over the past two years.

Our hand-knit + hand-spun recycled fabric yarn goods are made entirely by hand from 100% recycled fabrics. We gather most of our fabric scraps from local designer's cutting room floors, and occasionally receive donations from individuals and organizations in New York and Puerto Rico. 

These fabrics are sorted, cut into strips, attached, and hand-spun into a fantastic uniquely textured yarn. Then, we hand-knit them into one-of-a-kind pieces that allow the yarn to tell its story.

But, it is more than a special yarn; we chose to make pieces that could be worn in various ways, and that celebrate our diverse body shapes and sizes.