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This project explores the concept of transition and the hybrid evolutions in moss and critical weathering. It is my translation of biomorphism through knitwear.

Inspiration stems from Hundertwasser's ''Mouldiness Manifesto'' as well as my respect and tolerance of irregularity. Nature takes over; forms accumulate and mutate to take the appeal of growth. 

MANIFESTO employs the the use of sustainable materials such as: Organically-Grown Cotton, Recycled Cotton (made in USA from T-shirt production waste), Mulesing-Free extra-fine Merino Wool, Recycled Wool (from de-knit sweaters), Hand-Spun Tasar Silk, and occasionally Deadstock yarns.

These materials are then hand-dyed with non-toxic, low-impact and/or vegetable dyes such as coffee, turmeric, and curry.  The organic shapes we create are followed by humble embellishment through felting and hand-embroidery.

Made entirely by hand mixing machine-embroidery techniques [on a mechanical (not electric) Brother®], and crochet.