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fiberbundles are here!

Dorian Iten

Hello fiberfriends, we just released 6 one-of-a-kind fiberbundles !!!
Each has a custom handmade box, a handmade necklace fiber-chain, and is numbered + signed by Zaida Adriana.

Bringing these to life is truly a creatively nourishing act and we hope you enjoy them.

Created through exploration, meditation, and slow immersive dialogue with the materials, fibers, scraps, and tools gathered/collected in the studio; fiberbundles are born from intuitive stream-of-consciousness making sessions that express the alchemic power of the artistic process: transforming humble materials into something precious and magical.

Each of these fiber sculptures is unique, a memento art piece meant to be lived with - on your finger, around your neck, or in a special place in your home.

We are sending them out into the world on August 22nd 2015, so if you'd like to adopt one of these pieces... 

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Making something out of nothing, or precisely, luring something from the unconscious and giving it material form is the closest thing to real magic there is in this world.
— Michael Bonasteel