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CATALYSTA's Dream Job Series

Zaida Adriana Goveo Balmaseda

September 1st marked the official launch of, a quarterly digital magazine with a mission to inspire careers driven by passion and benefit to the common good.

Catalysta guides us through an evolving landscape of meaningful careers, introduced by industry pioneers who are establishing inroads to a more balanced world. 

Through videos, podcasts and articles they introduce professionals from an expanse of fields, whose ongoing commitment to community is invigorating a movement for widespread purposeful work.

Each issue will dedicate half of its content to one industry; the first is Fashion and Apparel.*

I was asked to be a contributor for Catalysta's Dream Job SeriesThrough self-recorded interviews and documentation of my surroundings -during the months of May 2013 through December 2013- I shared a bit of the BALMASEDA story.  

And, so did 5 other brave female entrepreneurs from around the world who's intentions and success fueled my desire to continue doing the work I love:

We invite you to take a look at Dream Job, and follow us as we further our journey toward meaningful work. 3 out of 8 episodes are live now!

Also be sure to check out the other inspiring programs Catalysta is putting together!

  • Dream Job: Young entrepreneurs from around the world video-blog their pursuit of a dream job. Designers and start-up organizations in Canada, the US, Hong Kong, and Norway have a fresh approach to share.
  • Role Models: Stories about trailblazing professionals and their commitment to the common good. Debut stories feature Bob Bland's efforts to reinvigorate New York City's garment district, Kaight, the eco boutique, and a behind the scenes look at Eileen Fisher's approach to social responsibility and sustainability. 
  • State of the Art: Industry insiders come together to discuss their field and its potential for evolution. Join Sass Brown (author of ReFashioned), Jasmin Malik Chua (Ecouterre), and Marci Zaroff (Founder, Under the Canopy & Producer of the upcoming film, Thread) for a rousing conversation. 
  • Agents of Change: Psychologists, philosophers, and spiritual teachers offer insights and exercises that can transform you and your career.
  • The Open Question Podcast: Guests from an array of professions explore an urgent issue and work that can make a difference.
  • MunchCo Calling!: A cast of animal puppets tell the humorous adventures of ambitious canine CEO, Ralph Munch, and his transformation from traditional doggy capitalist to socially responsible citizen.*

*Information gathered from Catalysta's website and their Indiegogo campaign page.