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Green Tree Textiles Recycling

Zaida Adriana Goveo Balmaseda

Most people have absolutely no idea how much waste they produce. "Our landfills are over-loaded with computers, phones, batteries, food, furniture, art, dish-ware, textiles, personal accessories, and clothing long before the life cycle of these items is complete." *

As you know at BALMASEDA recycling is something we avidly practice and promote. So, when we found out about Green Tree Textiles we immediately decided to partner up!

Can you believe that the average American throws away over 68 pounds of textiles per year

"Green Tree Textiles was founded to collect unwanted textile material including clothing, shoes, accessories and household linens that would otherwise go to already overburdened landfills. Their recycling services support the disadvantaged, the homeless and those in transition, as well as the environment by repurposing clothing and textiles for reuse by environmentally minded manufacturers." *

They have fostered partnerships that support wonderful charity programs such as:

  • Foundation for Peace - by donating a variety of things such us school backpacks and other clothing items that will be sent to orphanages in the Dominican Republic and Haiti with mission teams.
  • Stockings with Care - by donating new toys during the Holidays for children whose parents are not able to afford buying new presents for them.
  • YAI: Seeing Beyond Disability's employment programs - by providing appropriate clothing for disabled individuals who have been placed in jobs.
  • Hostos Community College Suited for Success Resource Program - by providing appropriate clothing (including professional suits and accessories) for the men and women who have graduated from Hostos and are seeking employment opportunities.
  • Ujamaa Hostel - which then distributes clothing among several programs the Hostel and it’s volunteer travelers support. Some of these programs include Neema Baby House, Meru View School, Gloryland School and Ujamaa Children’s Home which is an orphanage for children ages 5 to 14 years.

On June 19th, we attended Green Tree Textiles Recycling's first fundraising event at the beautiful Griffin lounge. We spent the evening with people who are passionate about sustainability and the environment and interested in shopping for unique eco-friendly accessories while supporting a great cause.

Sophie (our wonderful apprentice) and I set up a little BALMASEDA-wonderland where we showcased our hand-spun recycled fiber yarn and the beautiful new summer pieces we made with it.

We were accompanied by the creative minds behind BHAVA studioHarkiss Designs and Indigo Apparel. Plus, there was live music by Men or Myth, dancing, and an open bar.

Learn more about Green Tree Textiles Recycling, and how you can make a difference too!