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Zaida Adriana Goveo Balmaseda

BALMASEDA started as a small fashion/apparel label, and has evolved into a multidisciplinary textile arts studio that produces varied textile products/objects, apparel, and fine art pieces.

Our processes embrace a new kind of luxury; one that combines humble materials with exquisite artisanal techniques. We create for those who appreciate the value of things that are made by skilled hands; ones that understand the symbiotic relationship we should have with the things we surround ourselves with.

estudioBALMASEDA is the creative laboratory of BALMASEDA, where artist/designer/concoctionist Zaida Adriana Goveo Balmaseda designs/knits/spins/dyes in collaboration with mother/seamstress/creative marvel (with magical hands), and her wonderful studio assistants.

We are so excited to share the BALMASEDA journal with you!

Here we will write about our journey, creative process, and the materials, techniques, styles, shapes, ideas we are nursing.

The journal will also serve to tell you the stories of the projects and events we are working on. We will highlight efforts we support, our studio assistants/apprentices, artists/brands we are inspired by, and other amazing things that we come to know of.

It will be a place full of visual enthusiasm, musings, and fun stories of hand-made magic!

*GRACIAS to Dorian Iten for his extraordinary help in making the cool animation above*