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CALAFURIA is named after a beach and natural reserve in Tuscany, Italy characterized by its incredibly interesting rocks called Tafoni, which were caused by weathering and the cementation process. The myriad of colors and shapes of the rocks inspired me: conglomerated, small, round, irregular and concave; yet forming an immense protruding, sharp barrier between sea and land, nature and man.
Thus, I played with NATURAL materials (in their “raw state”) and recycled what was created and soon-to be-wasted by MAN.
Supporting the local textile industry, Organic Cotton (grown and woven in the USA) was dyed with natural ingredients, among them black beans, annatto seeds, turmeric, coffee, and lemon. This fabric was then free-motion quilted with recycled PET batting. The pieces created with this technique were called "TAFONI".
Our "ALVEOLO" items employ either Organic Cotton Jersey (grown and woven in the USA) or Organic Cotton voile. We cut out the “alveolo” shapes (we use the remnants to make buttons) to then hand-embroider and hand-dye the pieces.
Most of the pieces were either multi-use or convertible. The "CEMENTATION_hoodress" for example, is modular so you can remove and add panels depending on the occasion; It could be a "hooded cropped sweater," a strapless dress (short or long), or a dress with sleeves (short or long), and even a scarf.